In the recent past, there has been a lot of misconception about what sexual health issues entail. Opinion has been divided on the true position and definition of this subject. This article will, therefore, try to lay bare the misconception about this issue.

There is no definite definition of sexual health. However, a medical journal in the United States defined sexual health as a mental, emotional, physical and social state in relation to one’s sexuality. It should, therefore, be taken to mean a state which is free of diseases.

In order to achieve sexual health, there is need to respect the sexual rights of everybody. Discrimination, violence, and coercion should be dealt with in order to achieve a society that is equitable.

As mentioned above, sexual health incorporates many issues. Key among them are sexual pleasure, human rights issues relating to sexual issues, female genital mutilation, and dysfunction sexually, and mental health problems caused by sexual health.

Sexual health issues in relation to the integrity of the body

2These incorporate the promotion of behaviors that will enable us to identify early sexual related problems such as screening for breast and testicular cancers. In this regard, self-scanning is highly recommended.

There is also need to set laws that cover areas such as rape, sexual harassment and abuse and female genital mutilation. These laws will need to create freedom such that a person should not contract or transmit sexual infections.

There is also need to reduce the consequences of sexual transmission among people who are mentally and physically disabled.

The last sexual health issues to be addressed under this category is reducing the impact that surgical and medical conditions and treatment have on sexual life.

Sexual health issues in relation to eroticism

There is need to develop knowledge on how the human body responds to sexual pleasure. Pleasure derived from sexual practices should be enjoyed in an environment that is safe and that the rights of people in that environment are respected.

Consensual enjoyment of sexual activities should be promoted and encouraged. These sexual activities should not be exploitative but be mutual and honest between the parties involved.

Sexual health issues in relation to gender

There is need speak against discrimination relating to gender. The differences among different genders should be accommodated and respected and finally promote equality among all the people regardless of the gender.

Sexual health issues in relation to reproduction

There is a need for people to make choices about their reproduction. These choices should be responsible and informed. These choices should cut above their marital status, sex and age.

Secondly, access to the following should not be restricted: safe motherhood, treatment, and management of infertility.

Sexual health issues in relation to emotional attachment

3There is need to stop relationships that are manipulative, coercive, full of violence and exploitative. People should have information relating to lifestyles and choices that they need to make.

Further to this, skills in areas such as communication, negotiation, interpersonal skills, decision making are very important. The need to express love and divorce is should also be respected.

The key people who can help in identifying these sexual health issues are health workers. Primary ones. In cases of complicated ones,referrals should be made to the specialists.

In conclusion, when dealing with sexual health issues, care should be taken not to restrict oneself to issues relating to only sexual problems. Rather, we should broaden our view and analysis to other spheres as mentioned above.