Some say that water is the new oil and that we are going to fight for it in the future. That is because all of us, no matter where we live, what race we belong to, what we do and how wealthy we are, we all must drink fresh water to remain alive.

Watering the body

water-830374_1920The amazing fact that we all know is that water makes 70% of our body. That water needs to be renewed in every week. Besides oxygen, water is the most important element on the Earth for life. It is needed for every function of your body because it builds, regulates, transmits, cleanses and helps nutrition of every part of it. The quality of the water that you intake every day may be radically affecting your health. That is why it is very important to take only most pure and clean fresh water.

The proper amount

water-1160541_640There are many speculations about the amount of water that we should intake every day, but most of the scientific studies shown that it is about 1 liter per 25 kilograms of body weight. Other words, we should take 6-8 glasses daily and if we exercise even more than that. At least 2 liters per day is the minimum for healthy living and beauty that water can give us. It cleanses our body from the inside and makes our skin and hair more elastic and good looking.

What happens if we don’t take the daily amount

Well, when our organism is lacking water, our metabolism slows down for 3-4 times, which slows every other function too. There are many consequences of slowing of the metabolism, and some of them are weight gain, the bad look of skin, hair and nails, and general weakness and fatigue.

Influence of water on our health

Water is the root ingredient of all body liquids, including blood, lymph, secretion from glands and spinal cord fluid. Water makes over 90% of blood and spinal fluid and 98% of the digestive fluid, so it is not hard to understand the importance of well and regular water intake. It lubricates our organs and tissues, regulates the temperature, washes waste products and toxins, moisturizes the skin, feeds joints, bones and muscles and finally transfers healthy nutrients to vital organs.

Water of today

water-880219_640Today, it is almost impossible to find clean water, and most of the people drink bottle water or water supply water, no matter of proven impurities that can affect our health seriously. Water supply systems are highly contaminated by industry, agricultural waste, lead pipes, fluoride and chloride that are added to water in the process of filtration.

Where to find clean water

Well, some say that really clean fresh water can be found 400 meters or more under the ground because all above is contaminated by nature and human influence. But, it is almost impossible for one to get to that water. The alternative and most close to that clean water are natural sources, fresh squeezed juices, organic fruits and vegetables and water that is filtered with special filtration devices.

When and how to drink water

Thirst is not trusted sign that we need to drink water, it is more like an alarm that we have already dehydrated. That is why you should pay attention to the regular daily intake of water, no matter if you are thirsty or not.

“I’ll have juice – it’s the same”

boy-drinking-from-bottle-738210_640This is the most common mistake. There is no drink that can replace fresh water, and all those drinks that contain sugar, alcohol, and other melted sweeteners just increase the need for fresh water, because degradation of that substances wastes the water from our body.

Drink at once

It is familiar that many people think that it is good to drink a whole glass or two at once when they are thirsty, but it is not advised. You should drink water slowly, sip by sip, all over the day. It is highly recommended to drink one glass of water every morning when you wake up.